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Зачем нужен психолог, если можно поговорить с другом?

Eщe 10 лeт нaзaд пoxoд к псиxoлoгу был чeм-тo «из рядa вoн». И никтo тoлкoм нe знaл, зaчeм нужeн псиxoлoг! Сeгoдня к псиxoлoгaм oбрaщaются мнoгиe. У спeциaлистoв... ( подробнее )

Bride’s rant about cheap wedding gift angers internet

Newlywed Laura received a gift basked filled with sweet treats from a guest named Kathy.

The Canadian bride took issue with the present, which came with a note that read: “Life is delicious – enjoy!” She texted Kathy to say she had paid $US200 ($A273) on food for her and her guest and only received lollies in return.

But... ( подробнее )

David Charles Glennie jailed for choking partner

David Charles Glennie’s temper boiled over during a booze-fuelled night on the town in November last year over an irrational belief his partner was cheating on him.

Glennie, 38, pleaded guilty in Brisbane District Court on Wednesday to four counts of assault occasioning bodily harm, two counts of strangulation and deprivation of... ( подробнее )

Wife slammed for exposing cheating husband in ad

After discovering her husband had been cheating on her, she decided to tell her entire neighbourhood by way of putting flyers on lamp posts around the family’s suburb in the US.

The posters display (what was presumed to be at the time) a happy family portrait with a big red circle around her hubby’s face as he lovingly has... ( подробнее )

Relationship Rehab: ‘Stupid’ texts behind husband’s sex fail


QUESTION: My wife was sexting a bloke who she said she was just “stupid talking” with but I saw the messages and they were very flirty and quite sexual. We are working it out although I’m not 100% convinced she is telling the truth when she... ( подробнее )

Groom whose wedding sparked 100 coronavirus cases reveals dad’s final words

Groom Manoli said his father, who tested positive for COVID-19 two days after the wedding, told him to “be strong”.

The couple, Betty and Manoli, held their now infamous wedding at Oyster Cove restaurant and bar on March 21, two days before the New Zealand government announced a nationwide Level Four lockdown. The event led... ( подробнее )

People are ditching matches on Tinder because of star signs

As the world lives in a constant state of social distancing, where mingling with strangers is definitely off the menu – it has become tough for those currently without a partner to meet anyone.

Digital dating is the only COVID safe option, with statistics revealing app usage has increased by as much as 140 per cent on some platforms.

Now... ( подробнее )

Man’s sex issue with ‘wonderful’ wife


QUESTION: My wife and I have been married for 11 years. In that time we’ve overcome infertility and a breast cancer diagnosis and double mastectomy to have two lovely kids. We have a wonderful marriage, but I cling to the fact that – before we met – she had a one-night... ( подробнее )

Woman lashed for exposing pick-up attempt

But in a bizarre twist she has now been slammed for calling him out on Twitter, with people accusing her of unfairly putting the man’s job in danger.

@_annarebecca, who lists her name as Anna on her Twitter bio, shared a screenshot of the message she received, which read: “Hey, this might seem a bit odd but I done (sic) your... ( подробнее )

‘На 9 мужчин я избегаю встречаться приложений

Буквально на днях я сравнила с парнем, который сказал мне, что мы пошли на свидание около двух лет назад. Ой как не стыдно, я даже не могла вспомнить.

Вот именно, https://zaimmicro.ru/ просто купи мне кошек и давайте покончим с этим!

Вам будут попадаться такие же рожи Оль и думаю, “Блин, они... ( подробнее )