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People are ditching matches on Tinder because of star signs

Опубликованно 27.08.2020 11:18

People are ditching matches on Tinder because of star signs

As the world lives in a constant state of social distancing, where mingling with strangers is definitely off the menu – it has become tough for those currently without a partner to meet anyone.

Digital dating is the only COVID safe option, with statistics revealing app usage has increased by as much as 140 per cent on some platforms.

Now Tinder Australia has just released some handy information to help you find your best match after its own data revealed many of its users used the zodiac chart to help them decide whether to swipe left or right.

In fact, in Australia, astrological signs are consistently appearing as one of the top profile features on the Tinder accounts of 18-25-year-olds, with that age group being 29 per cent more likely to ask for star sign information than those over 25.

And it turns out many users will give you the boot if they find out your star sign isn’t “compatible” with theirs.

There are streams of people on Twitter revealing they were unmatched after chatting to someone online after asking what their star sign was.

Tinder has revealed your most likely match based on your star sign. Picture: iStock

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matched with a guy on tinder and he asked me what star sign i was, when i said cancer he unmatched me

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