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Woman lashed for exposing pick-up attempt

Опубликованно 20.08.2020 06:51

Woman lashed for exposing pick-up attempt

But in a bizarre twist she has now been slammed for calling him out on Twitter, with people accusing her of unfairly putting the man’s job in danger.

@_annarebecca, who lists her name as Anna on her Twitter bio, shared a screenshot of the message she received, which read: “Hey, this might seem a bit odd but I done (sic) your blood test the other day at hospital, and I thought you were good looking and seemed nice so here I am shooting my shot.”

Anna posted the screenshot to Twitter with the caption “Hello HR is that you”.

Anna shared the message from the hospital worker on Twitter, where it quickly went viral. Picture: Twitter.

The tweet quickly going viral with over 6000 retweets and hundreds of responses – but despite the fact that the Instagram message went against patient confidentiality rules, many people took issue with Anna’s move.

idk i see both sides like he should be put in his place about how this is wrong and whatever way you choose to do so id understand but also he’s quite nice about him “shooting his shot” he could of been a lot more rude which im glad he wasn’t so whatever you wanna do dude

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