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Regional Victoria’s path out of stage three restrictions - everything you need to know

The town of Colac, about 150 kilometres southwest of Melbourne and with a population of about 13,000, has been rocked by a rapid outbreak of COVID-19 in just several days.

“One case has led to 24 people becoming infected in just a few days in one town experiencing this virus,” Mr Andrews said.

“If anyone listening... ( подробнее )

Coronavirus Melbourne: Brett Sutton says new cases falling too slowly

It looks likely stage four will remain for a while longer.

The Premier spoke after it was confirmed the state had recorded 76 new coronavirus cases overnight, showing a continuing decline in infections.

“Obviously, 76 new cases is still a really significant challenge for us,” he said.

“To open up... ( подробнее )

Many people ‘don’t recover’: Health expert’s warning about virus

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, Mr Andrews said COVID-19 was something that “affects us all” and not just those who become gravely ill or die.

“This is not something anyone wants to get,” Mr Andrews said.

“It presents in some … indeed I think the research is starting to point... ( подробнее )

Coronavirus cases NSW: 14 new cases of COVID-19

Eight of the new cases are linked to the Sydney CBD cluster, bringing its total to 23.

NSW Health is investigating whether the CBD cluster originated in the City Tattersalls Club and then spread to workplaces in the city and households across Sydney and the Central Coast.

“To assist in identifying earlier and possible undiagnosed... ( подробнее )

Josh Frydenberg fires up while attacking Daniel Andrews

The Morrison Government is demanding the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews declare today how many cases are low enough to reopen the economy in Victoria and “manage the virus.”

On Sunday, Mr Andrews said it was too early to say but he pledged he wouldn’t keep the restrictions in place any longer than he needed to in... ( подробнее )

Queensland Deputy Premier takes swipe at ScoMo over baby death

A northern NSW woman lost one of her unborn twins this week after waiting 16 hours for a flight to Sydney for treatment rather than going to the Mater Hospital in Brisbane.

Brisbane was closer to her Ballina home and was able to provide the specialised treatment she required for her unborn babies.

But the woman, and doctors at... ( подробнее )

Man, 33, catches virus twice in world first

The case involves a 33-year-old man who was initially infected in April and recovered with only mild symptoms, but researchers from the Department of Microbiology at the University of Hong Kong say he has been reinfected within just under five months.

The man’s second infection was detected after an airport screening upon his return... ( подробнее )

Fewer masks but lots more hugs – Sydney’s huge virus mistake

One case. One singular new case of coronavirus. That is all that was recorded in New South Wales overnight following a huge 32,000 tests.

NSW’s success thus far in preventing an uncontrolled fresh outbreak of COVID-19 is remarkable; extraordinary even.

Just a few weeks ago cases were popping up all over the state, from... ( подробнее )

Free COVID-19 jabs for all Australians

News.com.au can reveal that the Morrison Government will confirm the landmark agreement on Wednesday with drug giant AstraZeneca to manufacture one of the world’s most promising coronavirus vaccines currently being developed by Oxford University researchers.

If it’s proved safe to use, the Prime Minister believes the agreement... ( подробнее )

Healthcare workers ‘upset’: Aussie doctor’s rant

“Wonder why Australian healthcare workers are upset?” asked Tanya Selak to her thousands of followers.

“We get second best, non-fitted PPE.”

Dr Selak is an anaesthetist along the NSW south coast in Wollongong, tasked with one of the most dangerous roles during the COVID-19 crisis — intubating... ( подробнее )